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24-Hour Germ Protection

24 Hours Germ Protection

Do you have 24 hour protection for the germs on your surfaces? When your cleaners properly disinfect the surfaces and the product dries, microbes start to attack the surfaces again. Excel Cleaning Services offers 24-hour protection for your surfaces to stop microbes such as virus, bacteria, mold and mildew from reactivating. This process is sustained for up to 30 days in high traffic areas.

Offices: Every morning you sit down to a clean workspace; however, once employees start sneezing, coughing and touching your workspace the environment is now contaminated.

Daycares: When children are happy and healthy, parents are, too! Once a child has the flu, cold, or hand, foot, mouth rash it seems like it never ends. These absences can be costly and bad for business.

Athletic Facilities: Your clients visit your facility to work out and feel great! Don’t let people remember their workout experience with a nasty staph outbreak!

Solution: Disinfecting and Antimicrobial fogging from Excel Cleaning Services!

· Properly disinfect all touch points with a hospital grade hard surface disinfectant.

· Fog area with an EPA registered antimicrobial using electrostatic technology to cover the hard-to- reach places; undersides and backsides of surfaces uniformed. Our antimicrobial is non-toxic, non-mutagenic and non-allergenic. This application to surfaces produces an invisible, transparent and durable antimicrobial film.  After 30 to 60 minutes, the space can be occupied and your 24-hour protection begins working to thwart the growth of microbes, which cause sickness. 

Let us share our fogging antimicrobial services with your business. Give us a call at 615-544-1235.