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Nashville Commercial Cleaning and Facilities Management Company


Nashville-based cleaning services offered during and after hours, including customer support and multi-location discounts.

Excel Cleaning Services is locally owned and operated in Nashville, Tennessee, providing more than 15 years in commercial cleaning and facilities management. From our administrative team to our technicians, we pledge to "exceed cleaning standards."

What does this mean for you?

First, we pledge to treat your business like it's our own. We take great pride in taking care of your greatest asset. Your building will be treated with care while in our service.

Second, we pledge to be available to you as your needs arise. We are only one call away for special requests and/or emergency situations you may have. Upon contract signing, you will be given our after-hours number.

Lastly, we pledge to provide an excellent and affordable cost with your business in mind. We are mindful of your budget and how to best maximize to meet your needs.

Good Customer Service Starts With Team Training

We best serve you by providing consistent training programs for our teams. Coupled with those training programs we incentivize those who go the extra mile and display our company spirit. Additionally, our commitment for continuing education extends to our administrative team as we are always on the heels of new information and cutting edge technology within our industry.  

We Make Your Job Easier

As a project manager, operations director, or maintenance team member we work alongside you to make your work flow easier, more efficiently, and within a budget that you can appreciate. Our value is really hinged on how much we can take off of your plate (and mind) to focus on other aspects of your job. Rest assure that we are self-managed and self-contained and will serve as the shadow of your operation.

We Offer Multi-Location Discounts

Do you manage several properties? We want to be a trusted partner for your business so that no matter the size or turnaround of a project, we are on-boarded and ready to get started when you call. We offer incentives to you as the client to work with us on multiple properties. 

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If you have any questions about the services we offer feel free to send us an email or give us a call 615-544-1235. 



•National Women in Construction, Nashville Charter