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Case Studies

Nasty Restaurant Needs Attention


Neglected restaurant needed help; health department inspecting in a few days


The owner/operator of a high volume restaurant stepped away from the day-to-day activities of running the restaurant.  After a few online reviews about the cleanliness of the restaurant, the owner needed to check things out.  The owner was not thoroughly satisfied with the performance of the previous cleaning vendor. Among other things, the state of the floors and equipment use to clean said floors were unsatisfactory.  Over time, the grout lines and floors became intolerable.



Excel Cleaning Service was called in for a quote. After the walk thru the client received a list of chemicals and equipment used on their behalf. Very impressed by the aforementioned listing, the client felt assured and comfortable with the capabilities of Excel Cleaning Services.

Excel Cleaning Services incorporates the foremost attention to client property by administering safe procedures and agents. The operations manager recommended SHA-ZYME™, heated pressure water, and sensitive hard surface tools. Additional hand tools are used to focus on the arduous process of cleaning the floor edges.

Excel Cleaning Services offers an array of cleaning services, e.g. carpet cleaning, general office cleaning, scrub and recoat concrete floors, strip & wax, and excellent customer service.  As a result of doing such a great job on our floors, the client inquired about their availability to perform nightly cleaning services for the company. Currently, Excel Cleaning Service clean a few nights a week, and this has really helped the operation to focus on other vital areas of the business.



Excel had the equipment to get the job done correctly. Excel Cleaning Services represented well during the assessment phase by sending a credible and knowledgeable representative to accurately assess the cleaning needs and concerns regarding cleaning a high-volume restaurant. In conclusion, the restaurant owner was very impressed with the fact that the proposal offered a detailed breakdown of pricing, planning, and scope of services.





Caryn Clopton