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No Touch Disinfecting Antimicrobial Fogging

Excel has specialized training in disinfecting with EPA registered agents to eliminate mold, germs and fungus. No touch antimicrobial and antiviral fogging can be used anywhere you work, live or play.

disinfecting locker rooms

Disinfect and protect

No Touch Disinfecting


Odor, germs, and bacteria can attack some of the cleanest spaces.  Why? An average cleaner can’t  clean all surfaces  every night. Once the cleaner cleans the surface the containments start attacking the surface again. Protect your love one, employees and kids with an antimicrobial shield of protection that leaves surfaces cleaner longer.


No touch?

We use an electrostatic fogger that will create a mist of the chemical to attach it to surface all surfaces. This causes the chemical to work on the surface areas you need it on…surfaces that are hard to reach.


Who need antimicrobial fogging?

  • Locker room

  • Play Areas

  • Daycare

  • School

  • Hospital

  • Doctor Office

  • College and university

  • Dealership

  • Waiting room

  • Community Centers

  • Play areas

  • Children  Entertainment Spaces.

  • Short term rentals

  • New Homes

  • Real Estate

  • Restaurants

  • Surgery Rooms

  • Areas affected by mold

  • Clean Rooms

  • Places of Worship

  • ….anywhere you work, live or play

Our process involves no fumes, harsh chemical odor, no residue and bleach free.


Is it registered by the EPA: All products that claim to to eliminate or prevent fungi, mold, or bacteria must be registered.