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Cleaning Services

Nashville’s premier cleaning company, offering nightly office cleaning, windows, day porter, post-construction, strip and wax, carpet, power washing and facility services.

Nightly Office Cleaning

Do you have a heavily trafficked office? Our nightly cleaning service is ideal for an office building looking to keep germs and dust from gathering. Our plans can be customized to meet the increments that best suit your needs. 

Training is core to our mission and each team member is trained on cleaning techniques, and professional grade cleaning solutions; and are equipped with a cleaning plan that outlines your building requirements.



Post-Construction Cleanup

Finishing up construction on a new or expanded development? Bring our team in to get your building ready for move-in. Our project managers have the knowledge to work with you to finish your project in a timely matter. We specifically train our team members on properly cleaning new finishes, and do not use chemicals that will harm those finishes.


Facility Services

The maintenance of your building is important. Allow us to support your office needs through other services like :

Professional Window Cleaning

The first thing a person sees before they enter the building are the windows. No matter the height or width we are equipped to clean the inside and outside window and frame so that your business makes the best statement.

This service is suggested quarterly.







Strip and Wax Services

Daily your floors are walked on leaving scuff marks, dirt, and scratches that serve as a distraction to your building. We suggest your floors - wood, VCT, or tile - be serviced at least two times a year. Allow the same pride you have for your beautiful office shine through to your floors.

Floor Care Cycle

  • Strip and Wax

  • Nightly Cleaning

  • Floor Buff

  • Scrub and Recoat






Day Porter

Break rooms, restrooms, and locker rooms all need continuous attention and disinfecting. If your business needs consistent, around the clock cleaning, we would recommend our Day Porter services.

Our team becomes an extension of yours and they are trained, uniformed and supplied with ID badges to adhere with your building policies and security.

This service is also available for large event clean-up.



Carpet Cleaning

Can you imagine how many feet walk across your carpet each day? Dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands trek mud and dirt over the floor causing wearing to the quality of the carpet. It is advised to have us come in quarterly to do a deep cleaning and monthly to maintain its beauty. Our services could save you thousands in repair or replacement costs.


Power Washing

The outside of the building and parking garage are just as important as the cleanliness of the inside. After a year of rain, snow, and other elements, your office building  and parking garage needs a  power scrubbing. 

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