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4 Steps to Keeping Your Business Germ-free

Cleaning Advice for Business This Season

The time has come again; the cold and flu season is upon us. Taking preventative measures to ensure your business cleanliness is a step in the right direction from preventing contamination in your workplace this winter. Here are four easy ways to keep your business as germ-free as possible. 

1. Nightly Tidy
Cleaning up nightly on a continuous basis allows you and your employees to work in clean spaces. This step helps you eliminate day-to-day risk that would otherwise fuel the viruses spread in your office space. When cleaning make sure your cleaner contains the proper chemicals with properties like virucidal, fungicidal, and mildew static, which have proven to be effective. 

2. Encourage Employee Participation
It is important that you should encourage your employees to wash their hands on a regular basis. A good practice is putting up signage to serve as a friendly reminder. Don’t forget to use antibacterial soap in the soap dispenser to ensure maximum results. 

3. Provide Boxes of Tissues
To help eliminate the spread of germs place tissue boxes in every room around the office as well as shared spaces. This action may eliminate employees and patrons looking for tissues, therefore eliminating the spread of germs. Remember to encourage your employees to immediately discard their used tissues.  

4. Use Hand Sanitizer to Your Advantage
Along with tissues, another easy fix is to put hand sanitizers around the entrances, exits, and meeting spaces of your business. This helps employees remember to use it more frequently.

We hope that these tips help your business to remain healthy this season. Feel free to reach out to our team at Excel Cleaning Services. We’d be happy to schedule a facility walk-through to identify ways Excel team can keep your business in top condition this season and all year long.

Kia Jarmon